What I have learned from Nick Vujicic

2 years ago I was in a 2 days seminar here in Sydney called National Achievers. For those who know the brilliant Tony Robbins, he was on the first day, and Nick was speaking on the second one.

Tony was outstanding! 3.000 people jumping in the room, long hours of intense energy and mind blowing insights. First time seeing Tony live and it was such an incredible day. The first day was definitely something I will always remember, however, the day that Nick was speaking was a day that changed me forever.

Nick was born with no arms and no legs, he has a rare disorder characteristic called Phocomelia. His life was a challenge that most of us would never think we could go through, at a certain stage he even tried to kill himself.

It was a moment in his life that he started giving inspirational speeches sharing his life and challenges as a way to show people how everything is possible and that we should always believe in ourselves and share love wherever we go, do more for others and never give up on our dreams. It was after a girl came up to him crying and said that never before in her life someone has ever told her she was beautiful, it was then he realised his power and purpose to change people’s lives.

During the seminar he shows how he picks up the phone, how he stand up by himself and tells all the amazing stores of his life. Nick does surfing, swims, skateboarding… All the things that a privilege person born with no disorder can do, he even do more than most of us! Or maybe he is the privileged one?

I will never forget when he said that one of his doubts and worries was never finding a wife for himself. He said to the audience: “How am I suppose to hold my wife’s hand like that? But I realised that I don’t need hands to hold my wife’s heart…” Just writing this sentence brings me happiness. It reminds me of a famous story of the guy that always used to complain about not having shoes, until he met the guy that has no feet.

Gratitude, that is what I have learned from Nick. Be grateful for my life, my health, for the things I have, for my family and friends, for the bed I sleep in every night, for how far I have got until now, for even small simple things… Nick, as many other amazing people out there, has shown the world that if there is a will there is a way, it does not matter where we come from, colour, our past or our reality, everything is possible! He could easily blame his life as it is and accept his limitations like most of us do everyday, excuse after excuse, but his purpose was bigger than everything else, he knew what he want and never gave up!

Today Nick is married to a beautiful woman, he has amazing kids and live life with gratitude, happiness and love. He travels around the world sharing his story and touching people’s heart like he touched mine. He changed me, has changed and will change millions of people along his mission on this planet.

Thank you Nick. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for having met you even not in person.

Much respect and love,

Rubens Abreu

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