DrupeCoin ICON (drupe.org)

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors, dear crypto currency supporters,

say hello to the newest invention in cryptocurrencies to enter the future. Our new plan to revolutionize the way you pay online. The next level of the secure purchase of goods using an independent new cryptocurrency. The DrupeCoin is a value-protected cryptocurrency that provides investors with the best possible protection against investment losses.

The new cryptocurrency called DrupeCoin (DPC) is invented by an agile Team. This coin is mainly invented to provide the easiest method to pay online without the need of banking institutions. While Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have immense high transaction costs, the newest technology of the Etherum-Blockchain will make it easy for DrupeCoin to compete with or any other Payment method in the near future by having low transaction costs through a hybrid proof of stake consesus protocol.

Visit us on drupe.org and take some time to read our Whitepaper.