What do you think wealth means? Would you believe me if I would tell you everyone has a wealth? Do you think you’re wealthy? Well, you have to think of it because for me, I am the wealthiest.
In this world, most people believe that being wealthy is all about having property, possession and money. Many of them believe that only rich people has wealth. But that’s a misconception about wealth, for I do believe that even poor people is wealthy because being wealthy is not just about property nor money it’s about being loved and cared for. Wealth is more on being valued dearly. It is not just about on material things but it is about someone who commits to love and care for us.
My family is a living proof that I am the wealthiest not maybe on things but at least in love and care. My family never fail to make me feel happy, loved, and wanted. Having that feeling is a possession they can never take. It is an everlasting treasure that some other people do not have. My family is my wealth no one can ever take. It made me think like I am the richest person in the whole wide world as long as I have them. Having them is really a blessing, because they are my greatest treasure that made the wealthiest.
My friends also made me the wealthiest. Not everyone are blessed with true friends so I consider them as my wealth which made me the richest. Yes! I may not have a great amount of money but I have great friend whom I can trust and lean on. They cheer up on me when I am afraid, make me laugh when I am lonely and that made me feel wealthy.
Being loved and cared by a family and a friend is a wealth given only for us and no one can ever get that from us. You are lucky and wealthy enough if you have them because some people, even the rich, craved for it. They are craving for love, care and attention because they don’t have it, that’s what make them not wealthy because they don’t have the greatest wealth.
I may not have that much money on my bank account, I may don’t have car and any possession but I am living in a world wherein money is not everything that matters but love and care does because these are the things that would give me satisfaction and made me the wealthiest person.

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