Bad finance habits are everywhere; people spend recklessly and save reluctantly. Damaging financial advice is even more rampant. This might seem like an adult issue, but it is not. Like all habits, children and teenagers start cultivating financial habits from a young age. For example, a child who saves N100 out of N200 he or she is given, is learning to save at the most basic level. Such practices can be built on in order to encourage saving and learn the value of it.

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For parents who would like to teach their children to gain practical financial skills, Rubies Digital Bank has launched the highly rated Rubies Junior. Learning how to manage money should be an ability that all children have to stop them from cultivating bad habits. …



Rubies is a Digital-only bank. We power businesses, fintech, SMEs, communities (clubs, groups, associations, churches, students etc) and Individuals

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