A Quarter Life Crisis

As I gaze outside the café, situated in front of the college gate, I notice fresh faces coming in which makes me realize that the last four years of my college life have passed away just like that. While exhaling the last few remaining puffs from the filter tip, I reminisce about the times that I’ve spent in this college mostly complaining about when this bachelor life would end. And now that the end is near, I wish I could go back in time and relive those days again. A graduate student of one of the most reputed colleges, let alone the university, of the country. Now what? 
A sane man would probably think about enrolling oneself in some kind of business or any organization. But, very few like us remain hesitant on taking the next big step. You see, we were never told to follow our dreams in the first place. Our education came at a hefty cost, hence our parents expect us to get the best paid jobs and economically support them in return. Well, it’s not just the economic support that they’re concerned about. Our parents have this tendency of comparing their offspring with other children, whether it be a relative or a family friend. Thus, we often fail to find ourselves and realize what we actually want to be in this rat race of fulfilling expectations.

There are certain nights when my head turns into a war zone. In this battlefield of thoughts, there are two sides competing to thrust their flag of victory in the middle of the endless vortex of doubts and possibilities. One side seeks out for freedom, crawling past the landmines of reality. The other side drags me back to the pit of self realization that life isn't the same anymore. You're in your early 20s and you still haven't figured out what you want in life. The degree that you hold in your hands is a result of your anxiety and insecurity. This may not be applicable to all of us, but you'll realize it sooner or later. Similarly, you will realize what you want in life sooner or later. It's true that time and tide waits for none, but at the same time it's never too late to follow your passion as well. Now comes the question of where your passion lies. Passion is something that you desire to do; it gives you the excitement and enthusiasm that you have never felt before while doing something. You have been assigned a role in the society since the day of your birth. These roles initially come in the form of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. As you go on ageing your role in the society keeps on expanding compelling you to play multiple roles at later stages. These roles that we're meant to follow are classified on the basis of your economic and cultural status in the society, thanks to the development of the human civilization. It is passion that you seek in one of these multiple roles that are handed out to you by the already established role players.

Figuring out where your passion lies can be a tricky task, but not impossible. Explore, interact, experiment, learn, and so on... These are the very few ingredients used in the discovery of your passion. There are plenty of inspirational stories that we've heard of and I don't think any of these inspirational figures had it all pre-planned for what they achieve today. Hence, as you travel across the path of life, you are bound to face with dilemmas on the diverging roads that lie ahead. Even if you decided to choose the wrong path initially, it's never too late to start over again. When it's the right path that you follow... Hell, how would I know?! I'm still stuck in my own quarter life crisis.