Rubiks Digital and Emerhub are establishing a strategic cooperation to expand its services and run joint ventures.

Rubiks Digital has been actively involved with South-East Asian region from the very beginning of its establishment — we have consulted and worked with clients from the region and kept ties with the technology community.

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Kaspar Triebstok, Partner of Rubiks Digital (on the left) and Lauri Lahi, Chairman of Emerhub (on the right) in Jakarta in January 2018

However, 2018 has taken us a big step closer to the SEA region with our office opening in Indonesia and establishing a strategic cooperation with Emerhub, one of the leading market entry consultancy agency in the region.

Both Emerhub and Rubiks Digital share a similar customer profile — global companies eager to grow and learn. While Emerhub has been focusing on enabling companies to grow horizontally and expand to new markets in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, Rubiks Digital is dedicated to vertical growth — expanding businesses through new operations, innovations and business models. …


Rubiks Digital

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