The “next Austin” won’t be in the United States
David Kadavy

My bet is (still) on the United States

A quick comment here.

First, when the Silicon Valley myth started to dissipate a little, people said: “The next Silicon Valley won’t be in the United States.” The European startup scene in particular seemed a good candidate, with London and Paris trying to retain their own talents and to attract new ones. Then the New York startup scene came along.

Then when it became clear that running a startup from New York was just as expensive — if not more — than from San Francisco, they said: “The next New York won’t be in the United States.” London and Paris still looked good for it, plus India seemed to be on its way up, and Israel, too. But then Austin came along.

Now you — and many others — are saying: “The next Austin won’t be in the United States.” But we’ve yet to see another country/region/city offer a comparable innovation culture, tech ecosystem and flow of capital. So my bet is that the next Austin, just like the next Silicon Valley and the next New York, will probably be in the United States…