High Profile Ahmedabad Independent Escorts

My name is Partik. I am living in Delhi, this story is about 3 months ago today, I went to Ahmedabad in connection with my business, after dealing with the whole work and I thought to have fun in some life. I am from a middle-class family but have heard a lot about high profile Ahmedabad escorts girl or woman, I thought why not today, to enjoy it, I have searched the mobile number of my mobile has been searched. And I was told, and the rate was fixed, 20 thousand for the night and 12 thousand for 2 hours, I said okay. I said for 2 hours, she sent me photos of about 5 girls on Whatsapp number, one of them likes me, he used to ask the address before me that I was staying in a popular hotel in Ahmedabad, why it is fun to enjoy it.

About 30 minutes later the phone came, the head came to you, the white color swift car, when I reached the floor, that girl with the driver in the swift car, I sat behind the back door, the driver lit the light saw did look quite beautiful, he told me Hello, I even said hello and we both below the north. Then we was why all this was done the first time the two had come inside the hotel looks I fear, Quickly lift quickly went to the elevator and pressed inside and button your floor at that time we were both, I saw her in the big innocent smile, I did reply to his style.

When I reached the room, I locked the room, I sat on the chair and she sat on the bed, then he asked me whether you came on business trip, what do you do but I did not tell about my work right? She was looking very smiling, she was on a TV, a song was coming, she started jumping with him then she asked if you liked dance, I did not say, I asked you, you do not have to be of Ahmedabad. I am a student of Delhi. , I’m living in a hostel and I am an Ahmedabad Independent Escorts I said what do you do these things in Delhi, she said no, I go out, call me.

Then she sat down beside the bed, I kept her hand on her back, then I kiss on her lips. She was also fully cooperating, then she opened the button of my shirt, I even dropped her top, that too Beautiful and sexy girl, her body size would have been around 34. She had a lot of white flesh, then she got the mobile phone, she stopped the mobile and she said no disturb, I liked it, then she lifted her jeans and then on the bed Lie down A lot of body was her. I kiss her and I started pressing her boob with my hand, she was saying a little, please, please, please, I had been very enthusiastic that she also took me in her arms and started doing kisses and the back Started to turn fingers into my hair. I started from her lips to thumb with the tongue, she had become fatigued and then I pressed both boobs with hands and cut the nipple with teeth. She was also enjoying.

Then she sat down and told me to lie down, she lifted my panties and started sucking my land in the mouth, she brought a condom with her, then she put a condom on my cocks and started licking my chest with her tongue, I also started to breathe her, she started getting irritated to spit, my cocks had grown big. I separated his rounded thigh and saw her pussy I had a fire on my body, I pushed my cocks on the holes of the pussy and went full, she lifted her hands up on the pillow and looked like a little sex. Then she started shouting in the doggy style and then she was climbing up on me and start. When both fall So grabbed me a lot, I was going to hit attack that sexy voice was fired, then falls together, came much fun that night. At the first time I sex with the girl even more high-profile than mine. Then she wore his clothes and got ready to go. Before went, she kisses on my lips and told me to thank you very much for this amazing evening.

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