Found my Match

I sit comfortably in my home thinking about how lucky I am to have found my match. I know that this sounds like a cheesey romance and it is, but it is about my romance with coding. I have the luxury of having the opportunity and the ovaries to take a risk and persue my dreams. So let me tell you a little about myself by explaining how my relationship with coding came about.

The List
Everyone has a list, grouping, brainstorm etc. of attributes that they want in a partner. For me, at first I thought I could just graduate and any profession would be good as long as it had the right salary. Having a nine-to-five was fine with me as that is what everyone does, or so I thought. Much like that first partner many people have, you realize you actually have some standards, and mine were not low. So after three years of being in the industry, I realized that the 9–5 was not going to cut it. I needed something else.

What I needed was a challenge, something that I could never master. Something that allowed me to be creative and made me excited to work every day. I wanted to be a life long learner and was tired of feeding that need with documentaries. After thinking on it for about a month I looked back at one of the best times I had while learning and realized that an old flame fit my list exactly.

The Risk
Back when I was starting in the world, the university I went to required you to take a single coding course for my major (Mechanical Engineering). I loved it, it was both challenging and rewarding. It allowed me to be creative in not just what the code would do but even what it looked like. So I decided a second date was in order and took the more advanced level for that class. That was equally rewarding an experience, but after that I knew I had to stop sowing wild oats as it were. I needed to graduate and my degree was not in software.

After trying to settle for the last three years I have found that this is not enough, I truly love coding, and the only way to make it my partner is to take a risk, I needed to commit. I would need to leave my job (very high stress and time consuming) and financial security in order to rekindle the flame I had with coding. Which is what brings me here.

So far the flame is catching on quickly here at Firehose. I have already found myself to enjoy what I am learning and the community that I am learning it in. So stay tuned because we all know with any great risk, there just might be a reward and we all know here, that coding in itself is its own reward.

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