On News, Mission, and Digital transformation in public radio
Adam Davidson

Adam, thank you! I just recently did a workshop with my local public radio station and the fantastic Kitchen Sisters. I was there for my college radio station that doesn’t produce anything for our public radio station. I am studying digital media and hope to land a job producing/editing podcasts/video for a company here in the next few months. However, as I sat in the workshop and listened to all these NPR trained students I just couldn’t help but think of how much they are not thinking forward in their training of stories. Most of them showcase quality two cut stories that is for the “daily news” that all NPR associated station produce. But at one point I could tell that they where fighting that battle of being their regular “News” with the idea of the “podcast news”. I’m really excited to see this industry grow. In fact I am excited to hopefully be apart of the change and development of the industry. Because I can see as you have mention is growing more and more every day.

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