What does a modern day Video script look like?

Fade In:

This is what a regular screenplay may start with. Ending in fade out.

I recently watched a video that wrote it’s script along with a story board and as someone who not only loves movies but also loves YouTube and works making videos for Facebook for living. This video has caused me to ask myself. What does a internet script look like?

The Screenplay

Of course you may still go the traditional route when it comes to making your video. You have a team and you have a story.

You’re going to use some software to write your script or you might be old school and go the analog route. Writing the action, the dialogue, introducing characters, and setting the pace of each scene.

You’ll have people to act, cinematographer to film it, you directing it and possibly even editing it.

At the end of the project you can only hope the script is now a compelling story.

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The pkg

This is one is used by Reporters, documentary people, Tech YouTubers, and even podcasters.

This script will usually start out as an idea. You’ll go and shoot video in addition to getting sound with a professional or people who you’re doing the story on.

You’ll see what you have from professionals or people you’ve interviewed. You’ll find the best snippets that tell important facts about the story or has good information for the viewers. The rest you’ll summarize and explain in a voice over or on camera.

If available you’ll use this in connection with a storyboard or shot-list for the video.


The connected thought

This script isn’t so much written out to be written out and polished, but rather one that is has been thought about and is involved as you begin to flush it out as the video is being made.

This one relies on short sound bites that are cut together to encapsulate a great thought.

You may find someone on the street then in their room or studio. Emphasized using anecdotal footage or stories to help the message across.

This script may be bull pointed or just a word document that is being followed as a guideline for the video.

It may include a questions to a random stranger or even an elaborate sketch. Something that can be seen in many vlogs.

Whatever from your video may take. I commend you for putting the work in. For writing or producing or even just telling your story on camera and posting it for people to see it. The world of video is becoming another form of writing and it’s more and more accessible to the average Joe. So don’t be scared to try different ways of creating that video because at the end of the day.

No one really cares how you decided to create the video but that you finished.

I’m a digital content producer out of Memphis. You can find me on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Let me know how you write your scripts because everyone does it a little differently.

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