Ashelyy Saks Opens Up To The World

Hold my hand and be willing to see order in the chaos of the world. Join me on Journey of self- Discovery. Unless you know and love yourself. You cannot love anyone else… KNOW THYSELF ….

If you think this is a Swami speaking , then you stand mistaken! These words of wisdom belong to Ms Ashleyy KS , a Mystic , Psychologist, Tarot Card Reader,Poet,Writer,Philanthropist and above all a great human being. Read on and connect with her.

At first glance, Ashleyy K S is just another beautiful westerner . A closer look will reveal much more. There’s a warm smile on her face and a deep twinkle in her eyes that keep you mesmerized. And much like Ancient Mariner, her speech will keep you rooted to your seat and time will fly. From philosophy to music, she knows it all. That’s Ashley For you.

Born in Bangalore, Ashleyy spent the first 18 years of her life studying here. She moved to Chennai and then US to pursue further studies. She then returned to pune to work in the Hotel industry. There an accident changed the course of her life. She was riding pillion with her friend when a rickshaw hit her. Her friend was unhurt, but she was hospitalized, with a head injury, a dislodged chip on her shoulder and bruises all over. She lost her sight for a while and the head injury kept her unconscious for a couple of days. It has been 14 years since then.

This was the turning point in her life. After she came out of the coma, she says that she felt different. “Something had changed. It was a miracle how i survived ,The energy that I had felt before had changed. I felt like a different person. I ran my finger through my head and found no hair. I was shocked but not upset. I did not cry a single tear through all my surgeries. I felt at peace with myself,” says Ashleyy.

This phenomenon is what Ashleyy says terms as Walkin Soul. According to her a walk in is when a higher energy takes over. Sort of like a heightened awakening. She felt different after the accident and quit her job as an asst F &B Manager and decided to go on a quest to find out what she needed ,to find her purpose in life.

Enroute she tried a hand at acting in television serials, Modeling, dancing and radio jockeying among others. But she felt she was not doing any thing worthwhile.

She felt a deep urge to travel and know herself and she did just that — travelling and staying Gokarna, Osho Ashram, Shirdi , Rishikesh ,Aurobindo Ashram , Ramanas cave and many more power places in the world , like Cambodia , Egypt and the high himalyas .

From conversing with monks, working with different therapists to spending hours being one with nature, she embarked on a quest to find herself. She is still in the process, but at the same time, helps you to find yourself.

Ashleyy has studied Psychotherapy and then did her Masters in Applied Kinesiology from three in one concepts and earned a Diploma in Bio Feedback from Burbank, USA followed by Color therapy or Aura Soma from UK. And yoganidra from rishikesh , just to name a few of her achievements in the academic world . Having spent eight years studying and teaching metaphysics, learning Tarot and numerology from third generation Israeli Master , Ashleyy applies Science to spirituality and offers many sessions / courses / workshops on Tarot Reading, on Meditations, Mind Control, yoga nidra , colour therapy etc.

Ashleyy Sakhrani: Has several degrees in psychology and the creative arts. She is a clairvoyant, Tarot reader,Mystic, Poet, Teacher, Sculptor, Philanthropist and a Metaphysician. Having been through several life altering experiences, she was finally directed to her soul calling, which was to awaken people towards the truth. Ashleyy writes several articles in various magazines and also appears frequently on radio and television.

For more information on her workshops, or to connect with her please visit her website or mail at

She is just a click away!

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