Mr Pavan Kumar Upadhyay — An Introduction

Born in Basti (U.P.), has been serving in Indian Forest Services, since 1992, and currently, designated as CCF, Wildlife, Kota, Rajasthan. He has successfully led several missions across the state, to his credit. As a poet, lyricist and singer, his regular contribution to literary clubs, groups and online, has already touched 
many hearts. Flair for Hindi, and quest for Urdu words and phrases, mark his writing with a distinctive style. He is crazy about Hindi music. Deep connect with nature, Hindi, love and travelling, led his creative impulse flourish, to wider horizons.

His debut book, "Hriday Se... Kshitij Tak...", is a journey of 23 years, in a realisation that the greatest truths of life lie deep within us, in the magnificence and radiance of our heart, mind and soul. He shares his voyage here, in the hope of touching your heart in some way, and reminding you of your own magnificence.

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