Sansha — The Leader in Spa Industry

In this daily hustle-bustle of life, we hardly get time to take a breather before we are off doing one task or another. At the end of a long and tiring day, what is that one thing that you crave the most? Peace, solitude, time to relax or how about indulging yourselves in a spa treatment? Sounds divine, right! This need to step away from the daily grind of our life and treat our mind and body gave birth to Sansha.

India’s leading spa, fitness and hair and skin care products company, Sansha was founded way back in 1994 and has made a mark for itself in the spa industry. With over 2 decades of experience behind it, Sansha has a staggering team of a little over 300 members and 65 successful projects which is spread across 13 extraordinary properties. From conceptual and strategic planning; feasibility and needs assessment studies; design consultation and space plan development; pre-opening services, turnkey management or operational consulting to IT and creative services, Sansha is your one-stop destination.

Sangeeta Sharma, the Managing Director of Sansha introduced a new spa concept called the SevenSeas Spa in 1996. With years of hardwork and the expertise of Arpit Sharma, MD, SevenSeas Spa, he has taken this concept spa to a complete different level.

Combining their 16 years of spa experience, they came up with an all-encompassing spa menu that promises to leave your body and mind rejuvenated. They have surely lived up to their mission which is to “provide the customer with a unique product pallet for their hand, feet and body care combined with unique, innovative and high quality product recipes.’’ With signature treatments such as Blueberry Cheese Cake, Virgin Mohito, etc., curated from across the world, SevenSeas Spa is without a doubt, the ideal place for you to get pampered and reinvigorate your mind and body.

So what makes Sansha unique and different from all the other spas out there? Is it their signature treatments, quality of work, highly experienced professionals or their long lasting client relationships? Well, it is all of this and much more! With handcrafted spas in-house, organic and natural ingredients which are freshly prepared on the day of your appointment, there is no doubt why Sansha has continued to be at the top of the game for over two decades. It definitely comes as no surprise that it has been the recipient of prestigious awards such as “Best Spa Brand North India” in 2012 by Best Brands and “Concept of the Year” in 2009 by Franchise India.

Customized treatments is the key to success and Sansha is a firm believer of this concept. From various amenities such as spa sandals, bathrobes, tea, music preference to choice of aromatherapy, customers can be rest assured that all their needs would be taken care of efficiently and effectively.

In the words of Arpit Sharma, CEO of Sansha, “As the Epicenter of wellness widens, so does SevenSeas commitment to standards.” This is the primary reason why SevenSeas Spa has been able to build a lasting relationship with their clients. Timely survey, service innovation, revolutionary pricing, menu strategies, etc., are some of the factors that have helped SevenSeas Spa to set the standard.

Sansha’s presence is not just in India but overseas as well. From Resort Spas to Hotel Spas to Airport Spas to Business Spas, one can experience Sansha in Jaipur, Dharamshala, Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Shimla, Agra, Udaipur, Mussorie as well as in Johannesburg.

The brand Sansha has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and would continue doing so bringing world-class spa treatments within easy reach.

Relax and Rejuvenate with a one of a kind serene experience at SanSha. We are just a click away!