The Opposite of Evolution
John Peterson

This time last year I lived in Australia with my 50 inch TV and my 32 inch TV and my surround sound system, Playstation, Wii, laptop, DS, WiFi, pay TV etc etc. I didn’t care much for the consoles because they’re kind of hard work after you’ve been working all day. But TV, how great is it?! You just have to sit in front of it and you can even use your phone to watch other things while you’re watching TV… At some point, I think while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory which I am sure I had seen 3 times already, it dawned on me that I may be wasting my life. So 12 months later I have none of the aforementioned items. I challenged my new self, in my new US home to live better. I wanted to see how little I could live with for how long. I had no furniture except a bed for the first couple of months, my clothes lived in the two suitcases I brought over and I had the bare minimum of kitchenware. I have a lot more now but I am so careful about what I accumulate. Last month a friend asked me if I had a whisk.. I laughed in her face and directed her towards the forks (and I may have had to wash one for her as I only owned 4 at the time). I can’t imagine I’ll buy a TV in the foreseeable future though and I have a love/hate relationship with my phone and my social media accounts which I’m still trying to work out.. At least these things are within my control though. Technology dehumanizing us is a far bigger issue! That’s a road trip conversation.

Enjoyed the article very much (even put off dinner to read it — despite being famished ;))

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