My life is just one big sob story

So im new to all this but hey why not give it ago it might be better than i thought :) so were do i start? well in the past year iv lost pretty much everyone close to me, i had everything….. i had a job which i loved i was studying at university, i had my own house and i had friends….. but a few months ago i gave all of that up to look after my mom. A couple of weeks back my mom passed away and it was the hardest thing to be told :( to be told that your mom, your best friend the one person you could talk to and count on had gone forever! i think whats more hard for me is the last thing i remember doing with my mom, doing what we always did….sat in bed with a glass of wine talking about guys haha! and on this particular occasion we talked about a guy that id recently been talking to for 2–3 weeks and it was nice to see the smile on her face that i had finally found someone that i liked after being on my own for 2 years because i was still in love with my ex which i dont understand why because know i see him for what he really is which is a jerk. So the guy im talking to has been so supportive about whats happened to me with losing my mom hes been their everyday, asked me how i am everyday and let me take all my anger out on him, which he shouldnt feel the need to do but its sweet :).

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