Top Best Mcdonald’s Itens Most Desired

From the great plains of Mid-Western America to the hustle and bustle of city life in Tokyo, Japan, while the cultures may be vastly different, there is one thing we can all agree on. There may be no greater or widely recognized brand than those golden arches of McDonald’s. Beloved by all, it’s a staple of life as we now know it today. What started as a tiny operation in San Bernardino has boomed to nearly 40,000 operating restaurants in over 100 countries all over the world. With an approximate brand value of nearly 130 billion dollars, it shows zero signs of slowing down.

Of course, it’s quick, convenient, and relatively inexpensive, but it’s the menu favorites that keep us coming back again and again. From our beloved childhood memories of eating Chicken McNuggets and pining after the latest and greatest Happy Meal toy, to those foggy late nights of our early adulthood where we gleefully pounded burgers with good friends. Some things never change, and neither will our love of McD’s. We’re on a mission to see (and taste) how our most beloved menu items stack up against one another. It was quite an adventure filled with pleasant surprises, lots of wrappers, and a never-ending chase to hunt down a working ice cream machine (more on that to come), but it was all done in the name of research. Who comes out on top? Here are the most popular McDonald’s menu items ranked from worst to best.

On the topic of classics, the McDonald’s cheeseburger has been around since the dawn of time. Well, not exactly … But, it’s long been a staple of the restaurant and a huge part of why McDonald’s has staked such a claim in the restaurant industry and pop culture as we know it today. It all begins with a 100% all-beef burger that’s seasoned simply with salt and pepper. On their standard bun, it’s then topped with American cheese, chopped onion, ketchup, mustard, and their signature tangy pickle chips.

It’s simple, but delicious. While it may not be that show-stopping wow moment you’re tastebuds were longing for when compared to some others higher on our list, you always know what you’re going to get with this burger. It also doesn’t hurt that at only 300 calories it’s suitable to curb your burger craving without obliterating your daily calorie intake. Never change, little guy, never change or we’ll be sending the Hamburglar on you.

Here’s the thing. There’s something both familiar and comforting about McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Every bite conjures up all the nostalgia and instantly transports you back to your childhood. Much like the classic cheeseburger, we know exactly what we are getting and we enjoy it, too. A nice salty and crunchy coating gives way to its meaty center. While McDonald’s has ventured into other poultry offerings over the years (we’ll never forget you chicken selects!), the nuggets remain the same.

They go wonderfully with the chain’s tangy sweet and sour sauce and they can certainly pack a punch with a nice dunk in their buffalo. In the grand scheme of fast food chicken nuggets and tenders, they probably couldn’t hold a candle to the wonders at Checkers or KFC, but it is a-okay. We’ll likely seek out another chicken option on our visits, like the McChicken, but while they aren’t earth shattering in the flavor department, we’d probably revolt if they were ever taken away. Just be sure to eat them while they are still warm as the texture gets questionable as it heads to room temperature.

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