I am start Java training at 13 January 2015 and when i go first time on my training institute that time have many plane in my mind regarding to my feature. I think i am work on one of web app and one is desktop application. I am meet with teacher which is java expert on in this institute. When we talk each other i come to know that person is the MD of institute. with my last 6 year programing Experience i have hundreds of questions regarding to my Programing language and at that time teacher of java expert or we can say the MD of institute give promise and trust and say we help you 100% any way any time within training time. Starting 14–15 day they will teach very well which is core java topic they are explain very well but when they start Advance java my badness they are go on honeymoon trip and close the institute for 10 days. when they come then start jsp and after a 4–5 day they say you work with jsp and assign a assignment and servlet are be start and say we come start remaining jsp after the servlet completion and after 3–4 day they says now we start struts and remaining servlet we complete after the struts

Struts start on first day they explain the working with diagram and resolve insertion data we complete this task and second day they will teach deletion and retrieving data use struts and after it three day holiday and when we come they assign the project to everyone and i am start which one which is pre plane because i am use all things in my project like Map use and connect with database and search like google and three filter and Social media work and message to each other

But after when we start the web project. My friend goto in our sir cabin and say sir all the topic which you tech it’s enuf for project handling sir silent few minute after it they will come in class and give lecture on hard working all are silent after two and three day student leave the project because they aren't understand how we handle these project ans after it sir give pre Developed project and no of student are happy some aren't but i am work on own project. i am face many problem regarding to project i am work on 15–17 hour daily and now i am complete 80–85% project but they aren't help

Today i am go on institute because i am start desktop application and i am face new problem but they all are stand there hand means no help have any solution. what we do and what i think abut world and another people because this institute broke my trust my believe and now how i am believe on other one Because mostly people are same type in this type

it’s my last five month story (India) how i am say my great (india) its not possible know