The path of the New-Age Spiritualist

Over the last few months, I have been thinking about what it means to be spiritual in this day and age: primarily because of the number of protests around the world. One cannot look online or TV or radio without hearing about how people world over are questioning, rising up and pushing for change. I can’t think of any country that doesn’t have an on-going mass movement.

There are a huge number of people in my circle who practice spirituality, alternative medicine and propagate new age philosophies that are meant to connect individuals with source energy. And each one of them has been affected by this very unusual rise in mass consciousness. As a result, their practices are ramped up; their blogs reflect support and their posts display energy words that are much needed by the folks that follow them online.

Being spiritual sometimes gets thought of as being a recluse, or distant, or behaving in a certain way. So what do we do when we are faced with challenges in our society, when our communities require support or we see the marginalized being tormented?


Spirituality and speaking up are not exclusive; it’s not one or the other. Spirituality does not mean speaking only positive words. We are once again at a time when the collective consciousnesses is ripe for an evolution, it is ready to expand, to learn more, to become more in the way it experiences things.

The new-age spiritualists are everywhere, they look and talk like everyone else but there are a few things they do more of; which is the path of the new age spiritualist:

  1. They accept their extremes: The new-age spiritualists know they come with baggage, with faults and mistakes they have made, and they know they will make a few in the future. They accept that they can have extreme thoughts and that they can lose control, they know they are not beyond the human experience.
  2. They show themselves completely: Flaws, learning curves, mistakes and all. They become a visual for others to see what alignment, connection and growth look like.
  3. They lead by doing: They take action. It’s not just about words and speeches. Through their actions, they get assigned a ‘lead’ position by others. They roll up their sleeves and give it shot; they keep trying, they keep moving; which becomes a source of inspiration.
  4. They know their knowledge has its limitations: At all times, the new-age spiritualists know they have a long way to go. They acknowledge and embrace their ignorance and continuously work on bringing in more information and allow others to teach them.
  5. They contribute in bringing others to self-discovery: the new-age spiritualists are not on a lonely quest, they welcome others that are also trying, they observe, help support the process of self-discovery in others. They see their surroundings as a reflection of what they are helping create; so they realize their journey to source is possible by uplifting others.
  6. They engage in actions but with alignment: the new-age spiritualists engage in their surrounding, with people and situations, but they do it from a place of alignment. Their alignment allows them to deal with extreme situations from higher energy and they proceed with light.
  7. They value self-care practices: more than anything else, the new-age spiritualists keep a regular and steady practice to maintain their energy. Even if it means they wake up early or stay up late; re-focus, centering, getting aligned stays at the core of their practices. They value an attitude of selfishness.
  8. They give into lower energies: the new-age spiritualists have moments, days when they give into disappointment, shame, anger. They understand the ebbs and flows of life and they accept their contribution to it.
  9. They are constantly finding connections: the new-age spiritualists are a continuous machine for finding connections and similarities. They embrace difference and diversity and investigate its core message. They find new ways to draw parallels to connect everything with the collective.

The new age of spiritualism is no longer a passive, stand-alone path. It has become an active participatory series of actions. It is a symbol of the state of the collective consciousness, an awakened energy, on the move, ready to synchronize with the source.

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