Why does Temptation show up in our life?

We usually think of temptation as something that, if followed through, is wrong or inappropriate. It’s the external force that holds power over us and as a result, we do things that we rather not.

And we would be partially correct.

Temptation actual means a desire to do something…

I’d take that further by defining temptation as a desire to be, feel, think or do something. It’s the energy that nudges us one way or another.

There are lots of ‘good’ reasons to be tempted and those serve us well. But this entry is about addressing why they show up in our realities, and specifically addressing those that we, as individuals, consider ‘wrong’.

Conscious Creators practice creating realities and achieving alignment through self-improvement. So it seems like a bummer when situations show up in our physical realities that seem to push us to the opposite end of where we would like to be.

For example, here are some of mine:

  • A family wedding when you’ve only just committed to no alcohol and meat
  • A promotion when you decide to leave the place of work that you despise
  • A gorgeous date interest when you swear off romance to work on yourself
  • Finding the perfect workout partner that goes to a different gym than yours and that gym has reasonable yearly rates
  • Allowing a ‘toxic relationship’ back in because they promise they’d do better

So why does temptation, especially for things that we are trying to change, show up at the most inopportune time?

As conscious creators, who work with the natural laws of energy and the universe, what are we to think of the quality of our practice? The progress in our deliberate creation skills?

How should we interpret temptation?

To make peace with this energy, first, we need to understand how our reality is shaped.

Whatever exists in our current reality, is a result of our thoughts, feelings and actions in the past. This means the current reality is the effect of an event or cause that has already occurred.

The second thing that impacts our reality, is the experience or journey our individual soul is supposed to have in order for its evolution. Our individual soul, although a part of the larger consciousness, has a specific part to play in the larger scheme of things.

So our reality consists of manifestations that we actively create in this life AND situations that are playing out as part of our soul’s journey.

If we look at temptations within this framework, we can see the role they play in our overall experience.

Temptations are nothing but an opportunity to practice a certain skill that will enhance our experience and help us fulfil our journey. It is also a result of something we’ve created in the past and the current manifestation is a closing of the loop.

If something is showing up again and again, it means we still have something to learn, in the case of temptation, we still need to master a particular skill.

When temptations show up, we have a choice to act differently. And when we do we close off the loop of previous creations. ​

The next time we are faced with such an energy, with practice, we can receive it with kindness and act on it wisely!

Written with Love,

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