Origin of Antique or Vintage Jewellery

The term “ANTIQUE” means something from old times but the classic one. So the term “Antique Jewellery” can be defined as jewelry of early times that has been existed from generation to generation without losing its grace. In other words, it can be defined as jewellery that is around 100 years old.


The traditional and appealing Jewelry is crafted with Meenawork, Twisted Gold Wire, Multicolored Polki Crystals and Semiprecious stones in vibrant colors. To impart mesmerizing and elegant look to the wearer, this Beautifully Designed Indian Royal Jewelry is studded with colored beads of semi precious stones and Hanging Colored beads appended with Gold Caps. Kundan Work is also used in this Charming, Stunning and Exclusively Designed jewelry to award it a Traditional as well as Modern look so that it can suit everybody’s unique style.


This Finely Handcrafted Jewelry is manufactured through the process of oxidizing and is every time finished with black polish to give it a classic look and also it is sometimes buried in a pot of clay to provide it with a dull look. Hence, we can say that the Jewelry is a blend of high quality material or Gold, traditional designing techniques and modern looks.


Semiprecious Stones used in this Classy Jewelry can be cleaned and polished with a solution that contains one part ammonia and six parts of water.

A Toothbrush with soft bristles can be used for rubbing the surface. A solution comprising a mild detergent and warm water can also be used to clean this Stunning, Traditional Indian Jewellery . After the cleaning of the stylish, magnificent Jewelry is done, dry it gently with a soft cloth. It can be kept safe by wrapping it within a shield of cotton and further placing it in wooden box under normal atmospheric conditions. It can be kept safe for long time if complete care is done.

The Exclusively designed Elegant, Traditional, Exotic Antique Jewelry is a masterpiece of fine art and hard artisanship. Meant to enhance and beautify your personality, this Classy Pure Jewelry features exquisite Stonework, meenawork, kundan work and mainly the Black polish to give it a monotonous look. This elegant regal Jewelry when teamed with traditional attire awards aesthetic and stunning look to your personality.

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