Top 5 Process of Making Indian Bridal Jewelry Kundan, Jadau

As the people, culture, food and thoughts change in different regions of India, similarly jewellery styles also change with them. In our country, manufacturing of jewelry is considered as an art which needs more focus, creativity,skilled craftsmanship which will bestow radiating glitter and shine to the jewelery.The Art work done on jewelry passes through generation of jewelry makers and according to traditional language, they are known as “Karigars “.

Traditional Indian Bridal Jewelry is a blend of precious and semi precious metals and stones. This article from GemNJewelery shares information on famous regional styles of jewelry available in India.


Meenakari is the art of fusing or enamelling metal with the combination of different colors like blue, red and green. Meenakari is the famous art work which is used to embellish the jewellery that imparts it a classy and traditional look. India is famous for its Meenakari work on jewellery. This work highlights the gold and gives it an exquisite look.

Mughal Styled Jewelry is one of the art which adds grace and charm to the jewellery. Delhi is well renowned for the Mughal Styled Jewelery. By looking at this art, you will realise that this artwork is inspired by nature. In this work, various kinds of motifs like birds, leaves, flowers etc are included in it.This kind of jewellery has a mesmerizing and alluring effect which leaves lasting impression on the minds of the people adoring it.

Kundan work is an art of embossing Uncut Real Diamonds into the Gold. Kundan Jewellery from Rajasthan has a high demand from all the corners of the world . This type of jewellery is the speciality of the artisans from Jaipur.

Besides Kundan, Polki is a unique jewellery art. It is the artwork found in Gujarat and is used to enhance the beauty of the jewellery. The various Polki Crystals in stupendous colors lend alluring and striking effect to the jewelery.

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Women everywhere are known for their passion for ornaments. The Indian jewelry is crafted using 18K or 22K Hallmark Gold . Use of precious and semi precious stones, gold beads, meenawork and polki crystals are the forte of this artistically designed Indian Jewelry. Navrattan is the traditional form of the jewellery which is the blend of nine gemstones like emerald, ruby, cat’s eye, pearl, corals and sapphires.

Amritsar is famous for the Jadau Jewelry and nose pins which are uniquely made here in the world and the demand for the same jewelry is fulfilled mainly from Punjab area.