Review About New Online Dating App

If you are active in the world of dating then there is a good chance that you know about about different social networking apps and sites. If you don’t, then you are lying. I mean, you don’t go up the doorstep of a person, knock on their door and ask for a date, do you? In this day and age, you are most likely to chat with them through Facebook or snapchat or something of that sort. Well, belongs to that category; and it goes a step further. Read more about it in a hily dating site review. It is a dating website. Now I get it that dating sites are not everybody’s cup of tea. First of all, you don’t usually want others to know you are a member of one because of the reputation of “dating sites”. You don’t have to worry about that for hily most certainly. Hily came up only few weeks ago. Moreover, hily has a lot of stuff going on to protect itself and its users from activities that may lend it a bad name which I will be talking about more in this hily dating site review.

Hily is free of spam and advertisements

This is absolutely correct. Go on, sign up to hily and see for yourself. You won’t see any banners, ads of pills treating erectile dysfunction or the most idiotic ads you see on many other dating websites: “looking for attractive singles? Join us now!!!” Really? What do they think we are doing on a dating website?

The site looks simple and is free of unnecessary embellishment. Every site function is in plain sight and easy to access

To find people, you stay on the default page, which is called the “finder mode”. Here, you are shown profiles of other people. To see your messages (more on that later), you go on to the “messages mode”. It’s really that simple.

Signing up to hily is super-easy. As simple as signing up for a new email account

There are, like, 4 easy steps to signing up on hily. They are pretty intuitive and anyone can, with little effort, have a new and FREE hily account in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is, follow the steps:

  1. Provide your personal information
  2. Provide your date of birth in the screen that follows
  3. Provide your zip code. It’s those random-looking numbers at the end of your address.
  4. Provide a picture for your profile.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Pretty simple, huh?

Ladies! This one will make you especially happy. No weirdo can send you messages without your “permission”

Hily has this concept of “mutual likes”. Yep, I see you Tinder users smirking. For those who don’t know (all three of you XD), here’s how it works. When you are shown the profile of a person, you can choose to “like” or “dislike” it. And if you “like” a person who has also “liked” you, then you both have a mutual like with each other. Moreover, only if you have a “mutual like” with the other person, you would be able to send or receive messages from them. So, your vote counts! Atleast on hily.

So the other person must also “like” you in order to exchange messages. What happens if no one likes you except your mom?

I agree that the sad truth of dating, online or otherwise, is that not everyone gets lucky with an immediate date. On hily, most people I have encountered are serious about dating. So as long as you don’t come off as an axe murderer, hang in there. Someone would surely give you a chance ;)

There are different ways in which you can improve your chances of getting that elusive “mutual like”. Getting some things correct right from the start will be help you in the long run

First of all, you have to have your objectives straight. What kind of people you are looking for to date? What’s their gender? I think this might be the first thing that you would have to know for sure XD. What’s the age-range of the people you are interested in? You can set these two filters of age and gender on hily. Yeah, only these two for now. They really should put in more filters to choose from.

You can also add some more information to your profile apart from just the basic information

For instance, you can specify what your current relationship status is. You could also specify the type of relationship you are looking for and your purpose on the site (a bit more specific than “I am here for a date” XD). So before a person passes judgement on you, they can look at these attributes and have an idea about what you can offer.

You might ask me the question of how to go from a virtual date to real one. Well, hily kind of helps with that

If you recall, you provided your zip code when signing up. Well, hily uses your zip code to find people near your location! The algorithm that hily uses does that for you. People located close to you are shown more often than those who are not. So yes, you can actually meet up with your date; better do it in a public place first though.

Hily gives you unlimited “likes”. So keep trying, everyday

The best part about hily is that it’s free and fully loaded. You have access to features that you would pay for in other websites or apps. Hily has an app too and it works in the same way. You can “like” as many people as you want, access every setting on the site and basically never encounter a paywall.

Hily is pretty good overall even though there are improvements to be made

As I mentioned, it is a relatively new website and it is not perfect. It did get the core basics right though: Don’t ask people to pay for everything on the site. The concept of “mutual likes” works well in favour of the ladies, maybe not so much for the guys XD. But hey, that’s real life for you as well. Hily could do a lot more in adding filters and in general, more options for setting preferences. Overall, hily is worth giving a shot and it some cool stuff that you would like.