I am currently sitting on my porch out the front of my house. My flatmates Nikolai and Georgia are sitting here too having a cigarette. Jordan is also sitting next to me smoking a tailor made. Im hungover. The smell of the cigarettes are kindof off putting but I can handle it. Just. As I smoke alot of them last night. Yeah. I drank last night. I drank Nikolais alcohol that was sitting in the kitchen. Anyway. The real reason that Im writing is because I pulled out some really annoying plants from the side of our path that are always in the way. I just ripped them out. One by one. I put them in a pile on my front lawn. And Im just sitting out here for some space. And Nikolai in his typical nature asked Georgia who has just come back from work if she pulled them out. Then he kindof asked me but I didnt even answer because I knew he knew it was me that did it. He just didnt want to acknowledge me in that respect because he just could never bring himself to do it. So yeah. This blog is literally about how much that fuckwit fucks me off. And I cant wait until he moves out.

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