Ruby Red River’s Top 20 albums of 2016

No preamble or long-winded intro. If I had the damn time to elaborate as to why these guys and not a plethora of additionally qualified albums to make the ‘cut’, we would all be here forever. 2016, as much of a crater-sized sinkhole of life and spirit that it was, had NO END of great music ooze through it’s orifices. There are also a list of honorable mentions, but why do that to yourselves huh? With whatever precious time I had, these were the COMPLETE albums that I found myself listening to repeatedly (key word here), so the body & spirit chose what it wanted/needed, while my brain kept it together for the remainder. These are also not in order, as everyone’s a winner baby!

01. Geezer — s/t (Ripple Records, STB Records)
02. Gnaw Their Tongues — ‘Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent’ (Tartarus Records, Crucial Blast)
03. Wolfmen Of Mars — ‘The Witch, The Goat & The Malevolent Spirit’ (Poisoned Mind Records)
04. Metallica — ‘Hardwired… To Self Destruct’ (Blackened Recordings)
05. Goat — ‘Requiem’ (Sub Pop)
06. Kroh — ‘Altars’ (Devizies)
07. Beastwars — ‘The Death Of All Things’ (Destroy Records)
08. Uroboros — ‘धर्मपरिणाम’ (Zann’s Music)
09. Megadeth — ‘Dystopia’ (Tradecraft/Universal)
10. Kverlertak -‘Nattesferd’ (Roadrunner Records)
11. Vektor — ‘Terminal Redux’ (Earache Records)
12. Black Cobra — ‘Imperium Simulacra’ (Season Of Mist)
13. Cokegoat- ‘Drugs & Animals’ (self-released)
14. Obscure Sphinx — ‘Epitaphs’ (self-released)
15. Wormrot — ‘Voices’ (Earache Records)
16. Darkthrone — ‘Arctic Thunder’ (Peaceville Records)
17. Sumac — ‘What One Becomes’ (Thrill Jockey)
18. The Body — ’No-one Deserves Happiness’ (Thrill Jockey)
19. The Body + Full of Hell — ‘One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache’ (Neurot Recordings)
20. Big Business — ‘Command Your Weather’ (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Top 10 EPs/splits of 2016

01. Watchcries — ‘Obelisk’ EP (HeadlessGuru Records)
02. Gurt/Trippy Wicked split — GUPPY (When Planet’s Collide, HeviSike Records)
03. Nails/Full Of Hell — split (Closed Casket Activities)
04. Devil Electric — ‘The Gods Below’ (self-released)
05. General Grievous- s/t (self-released)
06. Fister/Teeth split 7" (Broken Limbs Recordings)
07. Mokomokai — ‘Poison Whiptail’ EP (Slick Monkey)
08. Primitive Man/Sea Bastard split (Dry Cough Records, Black Reaper Records)
09. Primitive Man/Northless split (Halo of Flies)
10. Agoraphobic Nosebleed — ‘Arc’ EP (Relapse Records)

Me? I just run a lil’ old boutique DIY label called Medusa Crush Recordings.

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