How to Find Inner Peace?

When the turmoil of our daily lives becomes overpowering, when can we turn for peace and rest? Umar’s book, “A Prayer Book for Muslims”, contains prayers from Quran, and guided Sufi meditation exercises which will bring you comfort. Unlike many other prayer books which contain prayers written by various people, “A Prayer Book for Muslims” contains prayers drawn from the holy Quran itself.

“A Prayer Book for Muslims: How to Find Peace & Happiness in Daily Life”, by Umar Pervez

“I yearned for a prayer book which is based on the purity of Quran”, says Umar. The purity of Quran is preserved through the ages, and a prayer book based on Quran allows us to pray with confidence.

In the Quran, God tells us stories from the ancient past about the prophets who invoked His blessings. We come to know about the short prayers which these messengers of God recited to call upon Him in trouble for peace and solace. Umar’s book is an effort to collect such prayers in one place so that you can read them whenever you have a few free moments.

God is always with us. However, when we truly become aware of His presence, it brings us a host of gifts: peace, patience, joy. Worries come in, but they don’t stay. We feel wired with energy and happier.

God does not need our prayers. However He does us a favour by allowing us the opportunity to speak directly to Him through prayers. Imagine having the privilege of an audience with the King of all mankind, who is most Merciful and Compassionate. Prayer is a heartfelt conversation between God and His creation.

All Muslims are enjoined to pray five daily prayers also known as the Salat or Namaz. However, many times when traveling or simply relaxing after work you yearn to read something peaceful. “A Prayer Book for Muslims” is a distillation of some of the key tenets of Quran written to inspire tranquility in the reader. You will feel happy when you read how God promises to be always near us, and how He loves us more than even a mother could love her long lost baby.

A Prayer Book for Muslims: A Practical Guide for Peace & Happiness in Daily Life”, by Umar Pervez is a beautiful little book which allows us to experience the spiritual aspects of Islam for peace in our everyday life.

God’s peace is everywhere. All we need is to become aware of it.