Security Guard Services For Your Office And Party

Thefts and burglary, damage due to fire accidents caused by short circuit can be detected and controlled earlier by the guards and preventing trespassers from gaining entry into your premises is possible, if there is a human presence both in the busy morning hours as well as in the night hours, as always prevention is better than cure. Even at present when CCTV cameras are being installed, it cannot equal the presence of a security guard at the entrance of your office. CCTV’s could only provide additional security, but cannot act as substitute to security guards.

How can you get security guards?

You could recruit a person you deem fit as a security guard and pay him directly. But there is no guarantee that the person would be able to perform his duties perfectly. To be very sure it is better to hire a security guard from a security guard company. You could either hire security guards for your office which is located in a commercial complex or hire security guards for the whole commercial building. Hire security guards based on their credentials as well as the security guards service agent. Ensure that the agent has thoroughly investigated the trust worthiness of the guard before employing him.

Duty of security guards

Security guards of commercial buildings, who mans the day shift, should oversee that the rules that have been detailed to them like, the time of entry of workers, their ID cards, maintain the register for guests and the reason for their visit, entering the registration number, time of entry and time of exit of company vehicles as well as other vehicles, the reason for entry in case of other vehicles and so on but at the same time provide friendly, watch services. The guard who mans the night shift should ensure that all the persons have left the premises and all the offices are locked before taking his position at the gates. He must go round the premises several times and ensure that nothing untoward happens.

Hiring guards for party

Security guards for private party can also be hired from a security guards service contractor.These guards can be used to protect yourself and your guests on a special occasion. You could approach the guard services with the details such as the occasion, number of guests expected, the way the party is going to be conducted, like whether there will be a cocktail party, or dance session, where you propose to hold the party and so on and the contractor would develop safety routes for entry and exit, security systems and patrols and how to man it effectively and get your approval for the same. Once you agree about the plan and the cost a contract is signed. During the party, the guard monitors incoming and outgoing guests and also protects the entire premises during the event. Security guards could be armed or unarmed depending on the guest list you have.

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