New Delhi

Being hurdled from flight to flight and gate to gate, I am finally en route to my final destination. I begin daydreaming of Hindustan- a place I had only heard of in stories as a child, and visually experienced through watching countless Bollywood movies.

Twenty hours later, we begin our last descent, my stomach churning in twists and knots- most likely a symptom from the flights. But this is different. I manage to notice a slight peace within myself, a faint smile begins to grace my face.

At last, we land. And not long after, I realize… I am home.

I always tell people India is an extreme place. Meaning, you’re either going to HATE it or LOVE it. There is no middle ground for India. It is incredibly diverse, hectic, dirty, shocking and exhilarating. New Delhi is no different. The city begs to be noticed and for most travelers and newcomers to Asia, the experience is beyond overwhelming.

Now you’re probably thinking, “India is not even on the top of my travel list.” But it should be.

India spews a knowledge that is so foreign to most Westerners. It fiercely kicks you out of your comfort zone, wrecks your mind in ways you have never experienced and most importantly, it expands your horizons.

This won’t be the last time I’ll be seeing you, India.

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