Life, luck, Food Trucks, and reason why you need to try Arepas

I have been living in D.C for over two years now, working just a couple of blocks away from the White House. As Venezuelan native who grew up in Miami I have had the privilege of being surrounded by delicious food and flavors my whole life. I know I’m lucky for it, and also do not take it for granted. I actually take eating very seriously…to the point where I felt that BuzzFeeds’ video “What Are You Like When You’re Hangry” was inspired after a day in the life of me. No joke.

My love for food has brought about the need not only to seek new experiences but also to write about them with hopes to inspire the adventurous side in all of us to try something (or many things) new… nothing wrong with having favorite dishes or comfort food, but lets face it, the world is too big and diverse to eat the same thing all the time. I really can’t think of a better way than to do so than in the form of walking up to food truck windows for several reasons: it’s quick, in-expensive, and it’s a great way for one to get a “first impression” of the food of the country you’re trying- hopefully that first impression is a lasting one.

As this is my very first post, I wanted to start my review with the truck that sparked my curiosity to other food trucks. It was not very hard for me to be enticed because it was one that hit close to my heart, and the country that watched me grow up. In Venezuela arepas are part of your daily meals, usually breakfast, but lunch and dinner are also fair game. For those of you who are not familiar with these crispy-on-the-outside-and-fluffy-on-the-inside pillows of corn-meal heaven, arepas are baked and “stuffed” with savory meats, other types of proteins such as scrambled eggs or black beans, and cheeses.

I wish I could say “all arepas are made equal,” but sadly, that is not the case. However, having tried thousands of arepas in my lifetime, if you ever find yourself in Washington, D.C I hope you able to catch Arepa Zone. These guys got the texture and flavoring just right, this is likely because all their food is home made and they use fresh ingredients. These guys hit the ball out of the park with their “Reina Pepiada”- this type of arepa is stuffed with an avocado and shredded chicken salad and it’s DELICIOUS and probably like nothing you have ever tried before! I’m also not the only one who thinks so, Arepa Zone was voted:


BREAKTHROUGH DISH (SIFRINA AREPA) at the 2014 Curbside Cookoff Food Truck Awards.


2nd PLACE for BEST FOOD TRUCK in the Washington Post Express Best of 2014

If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, I recommend trying a cachapa. This grilled sweet-corn “pancake” is generously stuffed with authentic Venezuelan white cheese. There are also variations that include our saucy shredded meat in case you’re missing some protein in your diet. You can also complement your arepa with some tequenos- our (improved ;))version of mozzarela sticks.

Best of all, the staff at Arepa Zone is always ready to take your order with a smiling face! Here’s what the truck looks like, so be on the look out!

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P.S: In case you miss the truck, Arepa Zone won the Lauch Pad competition at Union Market ( and are there Tuesdays- Sundays, they are THAT good :)

P.P.S: Don’t even get me started on Union Market!! I go there every week and it’s a must stop for visitors and locals alike!