Adele’s cover for her album 21.

If you haven’t seen from above, my name is Ruby Zamora. I am a young adult who is a hopeless romantic and I am amazed about who Adele is. Adele Adkins is an English songwriter. She published her second album in 2011, naming it after her age when she released it, 21. According to a Medium I read called Hello Adele, 21 has received six Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, British Album of the Year, and three American Music Awards etcetera. In the United States, 21 has held the top position longer than any album since 1985.

Adele holding all six of her awards at the 54th annual Grammys.

So, you may ask, why is this album such a big hit? Well, this album was written about a relationship that Adele was in. The man was ten years older than she was and broke up with her because he found someone else. This album is about all her feelings towards that breakup. Hm, maybe that is why I connect to this song so much.

21 was released on January 24th, 2011. A Medium I read called Adele, stated that she sang her whole album the day she released it in the Tabernacle in London. It is made up of eleven tracks and has a variety of different themes in the songs. This album is very dynamic. Adele starts off singing about regret, resentment, loneliness, and ends with forgiveness, and acceptance. Not only does this album have a variety of themes, but instruments as well. Pianos, saxophones, harps, drums, guitars, and banjos are played throughout this slow and mid-tempo album.

Adele’s photo of the crowd at the tabernacle.

21 was inspired mostly by a relationship Adele was in. The break up really go to her and she decided to write an album to let all her feelings out, instead of bottling them up inside. So, let us take a look into the tracks that she has written and find out the story behind them all.

Rolling in the Deep: According to Rolling Stones, Rolling in the Deep is a “bluesy gospel mode, sounding powerful but not particularly pop.” This song was written in the heat of the movement, right after the break occurred. In an interview, Adele talks about how it was an “F you” type of song to her ex.

Rumor has it: This song is more of pop and blues song. This was written as in inspiration of Adele’s friends. She would go out with them and they were asking her if certain rumors about her were true or not. Adele’s friends were believing all the rumors in magazines and gossiping about it.

Turning Tables: Turning Tables was written by Adele and Ryan Tedder (songwriter and record producer). As Adele is singing the song, a piano is the only instrument playing throughout the whole song. With the piano only playing, it makes it sound like a soulful song. This song was written about her ex-lover always “turning tables” on her and manipulating her. So, Ryan got the idea to collaborate that with one of her songs.

Don’t you Remember: In an interview, Adele states, I managed to step out of the bitter mode that I was in when I was writing the record and I suddenly got really ashamed and disgusted with the manner that I was portraying someone who was really important to me, and I felt really childish that I had made him out to be a complete twat. I was trying to remember why I loved him in the first place.” This man that broke her heart was important to her and she was trying to remember all the great memories. She explained to The Sun, that the song was about someone not remembering why they loved them after everything that has happened to them.

Lyrics to Don’t You Remeber.

Set Fire to the Rain: Set Fire to the Rain is the third single in Adele’s album, 21. This song is a very mid-tempo song and plays band like instruments. The song is about how lovers really contradict each other in relationships, but it’s hard to leave them and start a new journey without them.

He Won’t Go: This song was inspired by two of Adele’s friends. They met each other through their dogs. Later on, as she got to know the couple, she found out one of them was a heroin addict. He was starting his journey to go into rehab. The bond that this couple had really overcame what was happening, and she was excited for them because they were starting their new life.

Take it All: This song was written very different than any of Adele’s other songs on this album. She walked into the studio and just started to sing what she was feeling like. This song was about her devotions to someone and all they were doing was exploiting her and not caring.

I’ll be Waiting: I’ll Be Waiting is the eighth track on Adele’s album. She describes this song as an upbeat and fun track! Adele added pieces to the song little by little and it eventually became a full song. She states that this song is “the soundtrack of her life.” She imagines herself walking down the street, full of joy, and listening to this song.

One and Only: This song was not written about her ex-lover, but about a guy she has liked for years. They never dated, but Adele believes they will get married one day. She says it’s a very cheesy song that was written after she watched the movie, Never Been Kissed.

Lovesong: Adele’s first concert she has been to was The Cure. Her mother took her when she was a teenager and fell in love with the song Lovesong. She decided to add this song to her album and sing it herself. This track reminds Adele of her mother and she feels like she is free.

Someone Like You: Someone Like You is the last track on Adele’s album, 21. This song totally contradicts Rolling in the Deep. In an interview, Adele states that this song has changed her life and remade her. The lyrics are about Adele finding her ex-lover with a beautiful wife and kids one day, and she is still alone, this thought really scared her. She feels like she is on her knees rather than not caring about him. She truly did care even though she tried not want to admit it.

You know, the great thing about this album is that when people are going through a heartbreak they can listen to 21 and really connect to the music. This is a strength to the album, as you read above, each song is really meaningful and can alter people's lives. For me, as a young adult that went through a breakup, I really enjoyed listening to her music because I knew exactly what she was saying in every song she sang.

Interview of Adele

Many people really love 21 for that reason, but this can really be a problem for some people. There are people who haven’t experienced a breakup or fallen in love and cannot connect to this album. This album can be really limit the listeners. There is not a wide range of listeners for this album, so, it is a shortcoming.

21 has helped Adele really grow and figure herself out. As we come to an end, Adele feels lighter and happier because she was able to express all her feelings in this album, 21. Even though this album can limit the people who listen to it, this album can really help other people have gone through a heartbreak and connect to Adele’s songs.

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