My State of the Union Guest: Ahmed Shedeed
Cory Booker

Hello Cory, it was great watching the SOTU address last night being reminded of how far we have come. I am delighted to see you openly reaching out to our sisters and brothers in the Lord. To whom much is given, much is required. I look forward to hearing about your progress in the middle east. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of apply for a visa to Asia where I am being recruited by Adventure Teaching to teach English as a second language to students in China and/or Korea. I have accepted the challenge and plan on having my visa for Asia within the next six months timing my relocation to coincide with my 61 birthday looking forward to traveling overseas prior to retiring in 2017 for the last time. Three times a charm:)

I must say I am hugely disappointed with having to support Bernie in the primaries instead of you and Barack. At least in Asia I won’t have to watch someone else move in the White House containing the Oval Office people like me have only dreamed of seeing. I look forward to all God’s people coming to gether in harmony one day across boarders now that God is ordering my footsteps to help linguistically regardless of religious background, country of origion and personal ideology.

Tilling the ground, protecting the planet and growing God’s Kingdom through communication is at hand. Thanks for all you do to please God unlike the people of Babylon who tried to build a ladder to Heaven before God was ready to receive them and welcome them home. I am happy to hear you will be getting your feet wet with foreign policy. Cover your bases with Bernie. You and/or Barack need to partner up with whoever emerges and double team Trump. The World is not ready for Armageddon yet. I wish you well. Take care of my President. I did not recognize him yesterday, but I know the sound of his voice.