Why make design reviews a habit?

It’s a great forum to show continuous progress and generates diverse thinking and debate, which helps strengthen design rationale.

  • The regularity helps build a safe environment for feedback and critique.
  • Team members learn that feedback is input and to take what’s beneficial and leave the rest.
  • It helps validate the team’s skills and critiquing ability, by adding value to someone else’s work.
  • As a leader this provides a platform to engage those who are not comfortable giving feedback in larger settings.
  • Good place for junior designers to learn how to give and receive feedback.
  • Be patient, it won’t be successful right away. Get some small wins — get a majority of your team to show up. It’s hard to find a time every day that works for all.




Product Design Leader

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Rucha Humnabadkar

Rucha Humnabadkar

Product Design Leader

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