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Small business/restaurant owners everywhere have been hit hard by this pandemic. Some have laid off employees and some have had to close their doors on their business and their dreams. They are not only wondering when this will end but also what it will look like on the other side.

These establishments usually work on tight margins and even a small drop in sales has a huge effect on their bottom line. …

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Many of us are struggling internally and are verwhelmed with everything going on around us. And through times like this, It is very important to keep ourselves in a positive mental mind frame.

So honored to have this piece of mine published in Brown Girl Magazine.

Brown Girl Magazine was created by and for South Asian womxn, who believe in the power of storytelling as a vehicle for community building and empowerment. Brown Girl encompasses women, femmes, men, gender non-conforming, queer, and transgender individuals living across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Please click on the link to read this and many other related articles…

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I remember our walks,
in the garden.
I remember your smile,
every time you saw me.
I remember your hugs,
every time we said our goodbyes.
I remember your eyes,
wondering if you would see me again.
I remember your words,
telling me to always follow the path of kindness and empathy.

Since I can’t hold you, hug you or see you anymore,
I hold on to your memories.
On days I cry myself to sleep,
you hug me tight.
And In my dreams,
we talk,
you tell me you love me,
you tell me to be strong,
you tell me to put a smile on my face,
you tell me you will always watch over me. …


Ruchi G. Kalra

My writing is a spicy yet soulful blend of Indian heritage, African upbringing, and American influences. Author||Storyteller||Connector

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