Big Data in Agriculture

Problem Statement

Big Data in Agriculture has great scope as Agriculture is heavily dependent on data. Agriculture Analytics in the form of success rate of fertilizers in a particular terrain for a soon to be launched fertilizing product is of importance. Agriculture Data could be data about the success of a specific crop in a given geographical climate. Such information can be particularly of interest to farmers, Agricultural companies, and Agriculture consultants. However, information exchange is rather limited for all these parties due to the following problems:

Many Farmers have limited knowledge of Agriculture Data and methodologies of farming. Due to this agricultural productivity remains limited.

Consultants to guide Farmers regarding new technology and Agriculture Analytics are limited especially in remote areas.

Agriculture Companies producing fertilizers and other agricultural products resort to physical testing before they launch the products.The results from such tests are not very reliable since the trials take place in a specific environment and do not take into account other types of geographical conditions.

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