Wall Art Festival 2015

Wall Art Festival is organized in local schools of different villages across India. This time it is happening in the New Holy Ganges Public School, Khagaria, Bihar. The project aims to highlight a local issue or cause — education, unemployment, environment. There are seven artists from India, Japan and Germany.

The artists and children together create art work using school walls as canvas. The idea is to make the classrooms and the premises an inspiring and creative place to get motivated.

2015 has already been a great year for me with all the self- satisfying experiences, getting a chance to be a part of this Wall Art Festival is a treat to bid goodbye to 2015 and also welcome 2016 with more energy.

Since I belong to Bihar and has been closely observing the problems faced in education since last an year, I believe one major problem with the students in these backward regions is that the students are not regular to the school. To create the school a dreamy and inspiring place through arts using school walls as canvas will somehow be able to motivate the students to attend schools regularly.

The other problem with Bihar is the mentality of the parents where they want the students to emerge out as Engineers, Doctors, IAS officers and Business person only. Even though the kids are creative, talented to look in for other career options, usually are left with no choice rather than following their parents. The festival allows the kids to learn the technique, imagine and trace their mind out on the walls themselves, I believe they get a chance to explore more into the design, art and crafts side and also choose a career out of it.

The festival has started, the artists have arrived, volunteers are geared up and the students are excited.

Today was the first day, the artists and the volunteers had an introductory session with the students explaining about the Wall Art Festival in a bit detail and the also the schedule for the further days.

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