All that glitters….

The mind, it’s a funny thing. It loves to cling to the negative. A negative memory long outlasts the positive. What did not work out stays in our consciousness longer than what did. Every day new opportunities present themselves to bring us down by seeing and holding onto the negative.

The thoughts go down the rabbit hole that is the Small Mind.

I see them laugh and joke and I think, why not me?

I see them hug, and think, why not me?

I hear them sharing secrets and think, why not me?

I listen to the light banter and think, why not me?

I see the glitter and think, why not me?

…. And then a pause… a realization…the gold is within me. That power which needs to know, knows. That power which matters, cares. That power which needs no words, listens. All that is required is to stop questioning “why not me?” and start wondering “why me”! Life’s purpose is beyond “me”. Expansion is felt beyond “me”. Love is found beyond “me”.

So this Guru Purnima, I thank my Guru, to show me, again and again, what lies beyond me.

#SriSri #ThankYouGurudev #GuruPurnima #Gratitude

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