Getting Started with Angular

Step 1 — Tools and Ides

  1. VS Code (Download here-

Step 2- Install Node JS

Go to this site and install node.js before start the creating the angular app

Link —

Step 3— Install Angular CLI

Open the downloaded vs code and go the terminal by pressing ctrl +~ keys to run commands

Angular CLI can be used to create a new angular project , run the project and to build the project , create separate modules,components in the project. we will discuss these things later in this article.

To install the Angular CLI run the following command in the terminal

npm install -g @angular/cli

Now you have the Angular CLI support

Node Package Module Installation

Run the following command — npm install -g

Let’s create our 1st Angular App

Since you have already installed the angular cli ,it is easy to create a new project

Run this command in the terminal

ng new my-angular-app

yes, you have created your first angular app… Lets run the app

To run the Application on your browser run this command on terminal

Go to your project — cd my-angular-app

Run your application — ng serve

ng serve command will open your web browser and will run your angular app on following link “ http://localhost:4200/

after you give the command ng-serve ,you can see , the application will be started to compile it self and angular live development server will listen on port number 4200

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