Hello coders! This is going to be a quick one. I’m pretty sure that most of you have encountered scenarios where you want to display a label where you want the keyword to be displayed in bold while the value of the label to be normal. The below code will help you achieve that quickly.



If you have edited a Plist file on your own—outside Xcode—it sometimes might not work after adding back to the Xcode project. Finding the error can be cumbersome. However, Macs come with a great tool called plutil. You can directly run it from the command prompt. Just run;



plutil /Desktop/MyApp/myplistfile.plist

You can easily figure out where the issue is after running the command.

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kSoap2 is a library for SOAP which is used widely in Androids.

When debugging the requests, you might have encountered scenarios where you’d like to see the actual soap requests which are sent and received. Here’s a neat little trick, to do you want to see the actual XML sent received.

1. Set the following before making the call


2. Read values from the httpTransport object afterwards to read the request & response strings

String s1 = httpTransport.requestDump;
String s2 = httpTransport.responseDump;

Have fun !!!

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