You!Are you listening to me? Yes I am talking to you who has stopped thinking about others now. Does growing feel like this? Remember? When you were small, you had all the things you wanted by just a mere arousal of the object’s desire. Parents were good to go with every single thing you wanted. Now it’s a different story, you have your parents back no doubt but you now need to stand up on your own and do what you feel like. When you were small, interacting with different other people was so much fun, you just see the person and start jabbering unnecessarily till the others one gets an idea of something or the other. You even used to cry when the other person became sad in the conversation. Now, you are bothered not on your friend list in quality but quantity. You now have not the deep friendship but the deep sorrow which fills your heart when you realise you don’t have anyone to share your feelings with because your surrounding is judgemental and that you need to survive in it, yes, survival is what I am talking about, not living. Socialising now for you has become your Work of sitting at home and posting updates from your angelic rectangle and say that I am socialising. You have no thought about what your friends might be into or whether they need you for support. You have started making party friends rather than your previous VED friends. If growing. Up is a part which has these in starters I don’t know what do you have for your main course. I am sorry for you that you don’t realise. That the rough triangle present at the lest side of your torso is getting damaged when you stop thinking about others and keep your attention on your costly rectangle.
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