Image courtesy: The Artidote.

Each person is a story in the making. And when you walk into their life, you become a part of their story, you become a part of the million seconds they chose to share with you. Isn’t that special? To know that someone is willing to expose their naked wounds and healed scars, that someone is choosing to share their little cells of joy, pain, fear, laughter, anger or even absolute ecstasy with you, that someone is willing to open the doors to their life and reveal the shades of rainbow and sounds of pitch darkness that make them who they are. 
To be the protagonist, the antagonist, the supporting character or even an extra in a person’s life is a rare opportunity to be a part of a story and watch it unfold at the same time. You get to be the character and the reader. You could be a part of their entire novel or just a leaf in Chapter 26. But you will always be immortalised between those pages. You will be discussed at readings in a group and re-read in an evening of solitude. You will induce bouts of laughter on one page and leave blotches of tears on another. And that’s the beauty of relationships of any kind. Even when they’re over, they never really are.