2016 Senate.

Democrats need to net 5 seats (4 assuming HRC wins the WH) to gain a 51 seat simple majority in the Senate. Overall, there are (24 GOP, 10 Dem) up for grabs.

Kirk, Portman, Toomey, Johnson, and Ayottee seem to be the most vulnerable Republican incumbents.

There are two open seats previously occupied by senators with a national profile. Reid is retiring in NV and Rubio vacated his seat so he could subject himself to Trump’s antics.

On PredictIt (a prediction market) the market currently gives Republicans a 43% chance to keep their majority.

Will the Trump train have “a toxic effect” down the ballot? Can McConnell effectively distance congressional republicans from Trumps hostile takeover of the party?

Who knows…it’s truly a coinflip at this point. HRC seems to be adversely impacting D turnout as well.

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