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Many liked Michelle Obama’s speech. But this is the kind of self righteous and inaccurate statement that makes politics insufferable.

Note that her husband (thankfully) won re-election by spending a ton of money attacking Romney’s work at Bain. Michelle Obama worked at a corporate law firm that would happily work on the deals Obama’s campaign criticized (and Michelle would have represented Bain in her private practice if they would have hired her).

Obama ran a viciously negative campaign. I agree it was justified, needed to win, and inevitable but it’s still important to note that the notion that they “went high” went others went low is just not true.

I’ve found myself finding this self righteousness more and more bothersome as I get older. Listening to lectures from Hillary Clinton supporters about how we should respect sexual assault victims and believe them (our criminal justice should take it seriously of course) when Hillary participated in demonizing Monica and Bill’s staff called her a stalker is hypocrisy.

They serve a purpose but our leaders are insufferably self righteous at times. The Micheal Corleone line that “we are all part of the same hypocrisy” applies in spades.

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