An Open Letter To You
talia jane

It’s a complicated issue.

Overall, it is wise to act like you are part of the team publicly while privately applying for new jobs and working on social justice issues in your free time if you are concerned about whether your paycheck pays your bills.

You chose to get a degree that put you in a position to have few lucrative, marketable skills. Then, you took a job that didn’t support the lifestyle you wanted. Maybe you could have gotten a second job.

Your criticism wasn’t very original — everyone knows that rent is “too damn high.” Surely everyone at Yelp knows they are not paying a living wage. They do that because they can. Other people are willing to the job you are doing at the wage you were doing it.

I understand why you were terminated, but it does seem like the sign of a thin skinned corporate culture. The CEO then publicly commenting was all risk (are you really sure you want to publicly imply that she was terminated for cause?) with little reward (enough of her bitter fellow proletariats were willing to tear Talia down to make themselves feel better so there was no PR upside to the CEO taking to Twitter).

That said, your rent is probably going to be due before we figure out a solution to the cost of living issues in the Bay Area. It is time for you to focus on figuring out a way to get paid.

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