Kapernick and Tommie Smith

Sitting down during the national anthem of a preseason game is not the same, but similar in some ways to the famous fist in the air.

It’s a provocative act that has spurred conversation. I don’t see how this is insulting to those who have served our country. It does feel like there is a new intensity to this issue — even Micheal “Repulicans buy sneakers” Jordan is choosing to speak out.

Kapernick is responding to police actions which are seen as racist. It does seem like this current era of race based movement politics is not only about race, but also about poverty (cops are interacting with black people more because of poverty). BLM will find that equality under law is easier to get then economic redistribution — people will agree that cops shouldn’t beat people much more quickly than they will agree to pay more taxes to help others.

Finally, I mean, NeverForget when CK7 teased everyone with this amazing performance against the Packers back in September 2013.

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