A solution to money in politics…

We need the Government by the People Act because the current “Quid Pro Quo or its okay” standard is not actullay addressing the perverse impact of money in politics.

the wealthy and well-connected are flooding our politics with big-money campaign contributions. Candidates — dependent on these contributions to run competitive campaigns — are caught up in a bad system. Instead of being able to spend their time talking to their constituents and representing their communities, candidates must court big donors. Too often, this also means that public policy suffers. As a result, the public’s trust in government is eroding.”

“the framers thought of corruption in a way that is very different from today’s Supreme Court…The founders’ conception of corruption may support the common perception that our politics, influenced as it is by organized capital, is corrupt.

Eighteenth-century republicans were obsessed with an idea of corruption that was not at all restricted to bribery. For them, a politician or official became corrupt when he was inappropriately dependent on some patron or superior and put that person’s interests before the public interest. What made you corrupt was that you came to power, or stayed there, on someone else’s say-so, which meant your judgment was always susceptible to your patron’s priorities.”

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