The comment threads from Drudge & Tea Party circa 2010 are now actively making policy.

The “nativists” really believe voter fraud is real (in the same way that lefties think bankers actually committed crimes that could be prosecuted w/ jail time). They think anyone denying it is either a costal liberal who hasn’t felt the brunt of illegals taking their jobs like those in say the construction industry or a politician who wants amnesty to develop a bloc of loyal voters.

The pathologies in American politics — the things we hoped would go away if we ignored them — are now the driving force behind this presidency.

We have very little leverage. The press has been discredited and discredited itself by chasing ratings and clicks (who enabled Trump during the primary with free advertising?). House Democrats are in full on college activist mode. Senate Democrats will make deals (the Supreme Court nomination will go through and will ensure that things like Citizen United remain good law).

We are in Donald’s world now. At least his wife is nice to look at compared to the last FLOTUS?

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