— will

Standard Will Preparation

Preparing your will and updating annually

cost: $900 — $1,950

Medical Directive

Let family and physicians know your wishes (also known as a living will)

cost: $300 — $650

— general practice costs

“Letter on Your Behalf

Writing a letter to advance your legal dealings

cost: $300 — $650

Transaction Document Review (15 pages)

Ex: invoices, contracts, warranty disputes, etc.

cost: $300 — $650

Complex Document Review (15 pages)

Ex: loans, real property, deed documents, etc.

cost: $450 — $975

Complex Phone Consultation

Speak with your legal team about larger legal issues

cost: $300 — $650

Consultation & Review, with a Letter Written on your Behalf

Ex: review contractor agreements, dispute faulty work/overcharges, etc.

cost: $600 — $1,300

Complex Consultation & Review

Ex: review/modify employment agreement, property deeds, etc.

cost: $750 — $1,625"

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