ActionAid was my first job after my University. I still remember entering the Richmond Road office on 18th of December 1995 and being greeted by Janaki and Shabbir — wondering if I was meant to wear a Saree to work. We were the ‘Policy and Advocacy team’ of ActionAid India — and housed in a satellite office of ActionAid India Head office. We were a small team of policy officers supporting ActionAid India partners with their research and influencing work. We organised trainings, provided short term financing support to partners, documented our partners work and produced a policy magazine called…

Supply of ice cream from a local supplier

Right to adequate, nutritious food is a fundamental human right. In all the misery and fear created by covid-19, are hidden fear of not having access to food by many in Europe who are currently in the eye of the pandemic. Seeing an elderly person staring at empty supermarket shelves, queues going around the block, hearing of farmers markets, restaurants, bars, cafes closing down has an impact on our real and perceived feeling of being food secure.

Supermarkets have maxed out on their online delivery options. Tech savy small businesses have set up online platforms for direct sale to consumers…

Local suppliers redirecting their supplies to households instead of restaurants

My town has seen like many others in the UK several community support groups spring up, our street where neighbours didn’t know each other, now has a whastapp group, with neighbours sharing tips about groceries, putting paintings of rainbows on their windows, looking after elderly neighbours. We have had local communities and local businesses coming together and setting up door to door direct deliveries to households.

I am lucky that I live in a house with a garden for my family and my dog, I am also lucky to have the resources to order from these community stores. My morning…


Feminist, Activist, Mother, Cook, Carer, Dog Lover, Foodie, Traveler

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