Is it really important to have a passion..

I usually get this feeling of guilt, when I see people working really hard on their dreams. When I see fire in their eyes and I see them taking all amounts of risk to move an inch towards it, something inside me hurts. I don’t know why. I feel like I am missing on something really really good.

I don’t remember a thing on which I have really worked with whole my heart. Yes it can be starting days of job. I really worked hard for around 2 years. But was it really my passion? Or I was just trying to stay in the race. I don’t even do that these days. I have started feeling okay with my mediocre job. I don’t rush for new opportunities. Corporate has really killed something inside me. More than that social media. It has worked like a last nail in the coffin.

I feel like I want to do something in writing. Or is it my last hope? I don’t know. I am looking for the answers. I hope I will be able to find them, If I look hard enough.

Cheers to those who know their paths or atleast a destination.

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