Strangeness of Life

When I think about all the stuff about life, about future plans, and such sort of things, I feel panicked. I get this feeling that whatever I have done till date is not enough, even its less than expected. Sometimes I feel I earn a decent salary and I am living a decent life. Other days, I feel I am earning shit and there are lot more people out there having more than that and even in less time. And all of sudden, my whole todo list changes to learning new technologies, looking for new job openings, preparing for interviews.

Why it is so easy and common to forgot about the actual, bigger goals ,in my case which is living a peaceful life. Why we are so much affected by our surroundings and our goals automatically start aligning with their goals. Why we can’t keep our focus clear in one direction and keep going through this diversified version of life.

Hope we all find answers and solutions to these problems and so that we can direct our steps to the right ladder. Amen.